Discounts are deducted when order is processed

                                                                   We have changed our discount policy.

Please read the revised discount policy:

There is now discounts on all products

For customers who wish to buy in larger quantities there is a added discount. If you purchase in bulk your order will be adjusted and the discount deducted from your total when we process your order. Below are the details of the discounts.

Discounts are for quantities of  a dozen or dozens per item on orders below $2500 or 10% for orders over $2500.00.

Discounts are for dozens per item. If you are going for 10% discount on $2500.00 or over, each item must be at least 3 of one item. If a item is below 3 it will not qualify. Discounts are deducted when order is processed,

Discounts only apply on orders over $200.00

Where a shoe style comes in different colors you can choose to split up the quantity, of that style of shoe, into different colors, and still receive the discount. This means that you can purchase a dozen of one type of shoe, in different colors, and still receive the dozen (or more) discount. Discount for  different colors in clothes does not apply. Discounts only apply on orders over $200.00. If your order does not consist of 3's in quantity. Discounts will not apply to your order.

When a sock, or tight, comes in different colors in the same item number, you must order 12 or more of the same color sock or tight, to get the discount. You can not mix the colors to get the dozen price on socks and tights. Only on shoes. Every other item you have to order a dozen of each color.

Discount for large quantities:

1] discount for one dozen same style 3.5%

2] discount for two dozen same style 5%

3] discount for three dozen same style 6%

4] discount for four dozen same style 7%

5] discount for five dozen same style 8%

6] discount for six dozen same style 9%

7] discount for seven dozen same style 10%

Discounts only apply on orders over $200.00

For orders that total over $2500.00 [ 10% ] Items must be at least in 3

You either get a discount  for quantities [ dozens ]  or 10% for orders over $2500.00 not both.

Discount is per order [ same order # ] Not multiple orders.

Once a order has been processed no add on is allowed.

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